A Day in the Life of a Sitecore Architect


A Day in the Life of a Sitecore Architect

With technology advancing rapidly and clients becoming more aware of their technical needs, Sitecore architects must stay on the pulse to offer pragmatic solutions that work for both clients and development teams.

Sorina Tibre manages to do so with ease. As a Sitecore solution architect at ddroidd’s Cluj office in Romania, Sorina’s an integral part of the company. She connects the dots between client and developer while also playing a more hands-on role on the Sitecore team.

But what does it mean to be a Sitecore architect? Sorina gave us a peek behind the scenes and tells us about her experience here at ddroidd.

What’s the Difference Between a Sitecore Architect and Sitecore Developer?

An architect and developer’s job, while related, are inherently different. Having held both positions over her career, Sorina put it perfectly by explaining that architects have a helicopter view of the entire development process — from design to deployment.

With the bigger picture in mind, architects can create a practical solution for clients while collaborating with and unifying various teams. From this top vantage point, they can figure out how every mechanism will fit into place practically and seamlessly.

Developers, on the other hand, work on bringing the architect’s creation to life. While they lay the bricks of the skyscraper, the architects are on hand with blueprints to ensure it encapsulates the client’s vision.

Challenges Facing a Sitecore Solution Architect

“Everyone can promise. Not everyone can deliver.”

Technical issues are not uncommon in a solution architect’s job, but Sorina’s biggest challenge comes when translating technical language into easy-to-digest information for the client.

Communicating with tech-whizzes is fast-paced and requires in-depth knowledge, whereas clients are usually more interested in the destination rather than the journey. Transmitting complicated ideas in a simplified yet clear way is not an easy task — but an essential skill to have.

Working under pressure isn’t uncommon in an architect’s daily work. Demands are often changing and require quick thinking. Juggling several projects also means deadlines are usually looming. According to Sorina, “you have to work efficiently and quickly” to deliver products that meet the clients’ expectations.

Architects hold a great deal of responsibility within the team. Failing to overcome these challenges could result in technical debt and even endanger contractual relationships with clients. With a customer-focused approach, Sorina’s able to meet client demands while remaining level-headed.

Essential Sitecore Developer and Architect Skills

Sorina has the vital technical skills required to thrive as a Sitecore architect at ddroidd and deliver high-quality solutions. But she revealed there is more to the job than the know-how:

  • Leadership. Architects guide development teams through the implementation of their architecture, so leadership skills are essential to create a solution that’s on budget, on time and on brief.

  • Communication. As a point of contact between development teams and clients, actively listening to requirements and sharing their vision, strong communication skills are crucial for Sitecore architects.

  • Adaptability. The emergence of new languages, new frameworks, and new architectural patterns mean that architects must remain flexible to seamlessly adapt to an ever-evolving tech scene.

Being a Part of the ddroidd Team

“Being a part of ddroidd means being a part of a family.”

Although architects face challenges every day in their work, the support of the ddroidd team makes them easier to tackle head-on. Sorina explained that ddroidd fosters a culture of teamwork. In her own words: “When there’s a problem, the whole team is always on hand to help — there are no pointing fingers, only collaboration.”

Continual growth and development is a key priority for any successful architect. Sorina keeps pace in an ever-evolving tech world by exploring new ways of working through workshops and peer-to-peer advice: “ddroidd prioritises learning, which isn’t something I’ve seen at other companies. As well as workshops and training, we get one day a month dedicated to our professional development. Through these initiatives, our passion grows, making our work even more enjoyable and efficient.”

Sorina explained that ddroidd is about more than just work and learning — it’s fun too. Recently, she and her colleagues spent a team-building weekend in a cabin in the Romanian mountains, playing games, barbecuing, and even enjoying a cheeky beer or two.

With flexible working, professional development and a culture founded on teamwork, ddroidd values a happy team.

Words of Wisdom for Future Sitecore Architects

Sorina shared some parting words of wisdom for those hoping to follow in her footsteps as a Sitecore architect: Be patient and be proactive.

“As developers, problem-solving is programmed into our brains. If you rush in, you fail to see the bigger picture. To make sure our solutions are fit-for-purpose, we take a well-thought through and responsive approach. The role is a balance of careful consideration, planning, and a strong sense of timely delivery to exceed client expectations.”

Being proactive and asking questions means architects can explore a range of options before settling on the right solution. It’s key for anyone in this role to understand that the quickest way is not always the best way.

It’s impossible to talk about just one day in the life of a Sitecore solution architect. Every day is different, with new challenges and innovative solutions. With a passion for architecture and the support of a dedicated team, Sorina is adept at managing whatever comes her way.

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