As technologists we understand how critical innovation is for developing and commercialising new ideas; from driving product and service development, changing business processes to utilise new technological advances, to retaining a competitive advantage. 

It was therefore a natural step for us to form ddroidd X-Labs – A division of ddroidd dedicated to driving our internal and our clients’ innovation and R&D projects. 

Why is innovation important to businesses?

Innovation is often explained as the combination of knowledge with technology. Whether it’s integrating new data collection or aggregation methods, utilising analytical processing to better predict user needs or developing cutting-edge applications; we’ve helped clients to utilise technical advancements to drive their businesses forward, create online communities, make significant cost savings and empower data-driven decisions. 

Why does ddroidd have a specific division for innovation?

We champion innovation in everything that we do. ddroidd X-Labs drives our internal R&D initiatives and works to continually improve our frameworks and toolsets. As a digital outcomes and specialists supplier on the Government Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework, we’re directly aware of the need for companies like ddroidd to support research and development projects. Our X-Lab teams are here to do just that. 

ddroidd X-Labs Hackathon launch

We launched ddroidd X-Labs with a weekend Hackathon dedicated to advancing our own A+++ rated software initiative, at a location close to our heart: Tasuleasa Social campus. Over the last 20 years, their ongoing social campaign activities have centred around educating people about environmental protection, which has been both an example and an inspiration in our efforts to optimise and make better use of existing resources. 

With Hackathons providing the ideal setting to rapidly prototype ideas, quickly develop new software technologies, frameworks, toolsets, processes, metrics and more - This one did not disappoint. We’re really excited about the framework we have developed for our A+++ rated software and to continue to drive innovation, research and development projects via X-Labs. 

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