The Importance of a Digital Health Check


The Importance of a Digital Health Check

Websites are not built to last forever. If not properly maintained, they become outdated and slow, which can cause user experience issues.

A poor performing website can reduce your online presence, frustrate your users and, if left long enough, result in expensive maintenance bills.

Digital health checks help prevent this. By giving you valuable insights into your website’s performance, you can catch issues before they turn into issues and optimise your platform for your business.

We look at how a routine digital health check can help keep your digital estate aligned with your business ambitions.

What is a Digital Health Check?

A digital health check (or application health check) does exactly that: it checks the health of your application to make sure it’s running its best.

Today, businesses extend far beyond their bricks and mortar premises. Your website, in particular, is your virtual shop window — a customer’s first impression of your business, and often a primary source of sales leads and revenue. A digital health check empowers you to examine your digital presence from a user’s perspective to ensure it is meeting your business goals.

A digital health check involves defining “healthy” parameters for your application and measuring these regularly to ensure the system is performing as expected. These evaluations are essential to guarantee customer satisfaction, security and scalability. Without these checks, you risk falling victim to legacy technology and its quirks (latency, functionality limitations, concurrent users etc.)

Based on these assessments, you can identify improvements and optimisations to guarantee faster loading speeds, stability during crunch times and security against cybersecurity threats.

The Benefits of a Digital Health Check with ddroidd

A compelling overview of your digital estate is highly beneficial for both your business and your end-users. With insights into your website’s performance, you can save money while boosting customer satisfaction to improve your digital presence:

  • Customer satisfaction

    Online users are more demanding than ever, meaning a high-performing website is a must-have for the success of any brand. In the e-commerce field, a slow website has been proven to kill conversions, with 40% of customers abandoning the website if it takes longer than just three seconds to load.

    A digital health check helps eradicate issues with latency and ensures your application can handle additional load when needed. Using the insights gathered from an application health check, you can position your brand as a digital leader for your users, boosting conversions and driving sales.

  • Security

    54% of organisations stated they released vulnerable code to production to meet a critical deadline. This leaves applications open to cyber threats like hacking if not carefully monitored and effectively patched.

    During a digital health check with ddroidd, we examine more than just the website’s performance. We explore the full security of the application and make sure it’s effectively designed to eliminate the risk of failure and ensure all OS and application patches are applied and up-to-date. By regularly checking for vulnerabilities, we can eliminate security risks before they turn into more serious breaches that could affect the whole company.

    After identifying these potential issues, we’ll create a roadmap to good digital health by prioritising certain risks and providing effective solutions to overcome them.

  • Cost and energy savings

    The average website produces 1.76g of CO2 for every page view. With animations, auto-play videos, modern websites are a feast for the eyes but quickly drive-up processing time. Excessive data processing directly harms the environment by wasting energy and polluting the air.

    In the more immediate future, unnecessary processing can drive up costs for your business. At ddroidd, we aim to take your website to the next level in energy — and cost — efficiency. With our digital health check, we’ll identify processing inefficiencies and strive for A+++ efficiency to ensure greater cost savings for your business and a brighter future for everyone.

  • Scalability

    Your application may perform well under normal conditions, i.e. an average number of users over the course of a day.

    However, on occasions (such as promotional activities, events, sports, live streaming and national holidays), your application may struggle to handle additional load. For example, Black Friday sales wreak technical havoc for e-commerce businesses every year, leading to website crashes, disgruntled online shoppers and lost sales.

    As your business grows, you may also find that your customer base is expanding. Without making room for these new users on your website, you risk running into latency and load issues, causing high bounce rates and low conversions.

    An application health check reduces the stress on applications by ensuring they perform well under any circumstance and eliminating bottlenecks.

What Do We Check?

At ddroidd, we offer three different levels of health checks, which means you can choose the right option for your business needs:

  • Essential digital health check: We’ll take a high level but thorough look at your overall infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive digital health check: In addition to level one checks, we’ll investigate the application interior and how it is managed to identify any inefficiencies.

  • End-to-end digital health check: Our level-3 check will ensure your platforms are resilient, adaptable and scale easily with your organisation’s growth.

  • Full findings report: We provide you with a no-obligation detailed report listing the urgent, intermediate and longer-term fixes we recommend applying to ensure you’re operating at maximum efficiency.

In a digital-first world, it’s vital that you gain a full understanding of how your online estate measures against your business ambitions.

We’ll identify aspects like page load speeds, the number of concurrent users it can handle, and the last time the tech stack was updated to drive efficiencies, reduce processing and hosting costs, and contribute to a more secure online environment.

Keep Your Digital Health in Check with ddroidd

We’re passionate, we’re dedicated, we’re experts in what we do. We are ddroidd.

Learn how our dedicated team of experts can help improve your website’s performance with unparalleled advice and a commitment to ongoing improvement.

Get in touch today.

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