Why You Need Application Management Services


Why You Need Application Management Services

Application management is key to creating a digital environment that works for your business and your customers.

Continuously monitoring, updating and enhancing your applications empowers you to focus on what matters most: growing your business. As markets change and your business develops, you can rest assured that your website will adapt as needed with proactive application management.

Discover how application management services can boost your website’s performance and learn how we do application management differently.

What Is Application Management?

Application management ensures your website is continually updated and improved to guarantee business-critical software is fit for purpose. Application management takes care of the entire website’s lifecycle to optimise its performance in every situation. Not only does this provide enhanced customer experience, but it also provides greater commercial value to your organisation.

The main objectives of application management are to:

  • Support an organisation’s business processes by identifying functional requirements

  • Assist in the planning and creation of new applications

  • Improve applications for enhanced website performance

Why Are Application Management Services Necessary?

Application management is essential for any website; however, there are specific events that might trigger a decision to seek application management services:

Evolving business needs

Digital platforms can quickly become stretched if they’re not adapted to handle a growing business. A large customer base, increasing demands and spikes in traffic can cause your website to fail under extra pressure.

Application management will ensure that your infrastructure is prepared for whatever may come around the corner.

Website performance issues

If you find that your website is constantly facing incidents that are leading to downtime and unavailability, you may need to adopt a more robust approach to application management.

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, application management continually upgrades and enhances your website’s performance to minimise the risk of incidents.

Legacy technology concerns

If your website is running on legacy technology and inefficient architecture, you could be losing out on valuable business. Legacy systems can also be a huge security risk for businesses — a serious issue in the age of GDPR.

Effective application management ensures your websites are up-to-date to run more efficiently and securely.

Reactive Support vs Proactive Application Management Services

Reactive support includes fixing issues or inefficiencies in an application as they arise, like system breakdowns. Proactive application management, on the other hand, involves making ongoing improvements and enhancements to prevent inefficiencies from becoming critical performance problems. This helps ensure an “always-on” website.

Proactive application management also gives you an overview of your system to help develop plans for the future. In other words, it’s a long-term solution that guarantees ongoing efficiency.


With proactive application management, you’re not just dealing with issues as they happen. You’re actively making robust improvements, as opposed to creating a quick fix. This ensures a high-quality, high-performing website at all times.

Proactive application management combined with reactive support is the perfect solution to all your application needs.


Proactive application management equips your application with the ability to handle any peaks and valleys in visitor numbers; it helps prevent crashes during crunch times, which could have disastrous effects on your business.


In the event of a security breach, reactive application management works to mitigate the knock-on effects of this issue by creating patches.

Without proactive consideration for your application’s security, attackers can bypass security controls simply by using the application in a way developers didn’t envision.

Data security is on everyone’s mind. It’s no comfort to your customers, for example, if a data leak happens due to legacy systems and you’re simply working to mitigate the effects. Your customers want to know that you’re being proactive with continual updates that prevent security breaches on your website.


Proactive application management means you have a constant partner by your side to ensure everything is running smoothly. This helps improve your customer service and overall experience, as they won’t have to put up with a slow site or crashes during peak times. If there is a crash at any time, that’s where reactive support comes in.

Peace of mind

Proactive application management gives you peace of mind by continuously improving your application for a better customer experience. You can rest assured that your application is prepared to adapt to market changes while delivering speed and quality to your customers.

Why Choose ddroidd’s Application Management Services?

Application management is one of our specialities here at ddroidd. A dedicated team with decades of experience, what more could you want?

ddroidd offers a four-step approach to application management to ensure your website is performing as expected at all times.

Step 1: A digital health check

Our digital health check provides an in-depth analysis of your application. We don’t just jump in haphazardly. We take the time to create an action checklist and technical roadmap so that we can begin identifying improvements that really matter for your website.

Step 2: Transition

An ITIL framework paired with best practices ensures a quick and smooth transition to the new digital environment. With immediate improvements, the application will run more efficiently and effectively from the get-go.

Step 3: Run

After moving to the new environment, the experts at ddroidd begin the day-to-day management of the application. There are a variety of service level packages available. We know that businesses have different needs, and we try to cater to them as much as possible.

Step 4: Continuous improvement

ddroidd takes a continuous, hands-on approach to application management. We’re fully committed to providing constant, proactive intervention. The tech world moves fast — we move faster. We aim to stay one step ahead of any changes in your business demands to ensure peak website performance.

Discover Proactive Application Management with ddroidd

We’re passionate, we’re dedicated, we’re experts in what we do. We are ddroidd.

Learn how our dedicated team of experts can help improve your website’s performance with unparalleled advice and a commitment to ongoing improvement.

Get in touch today.

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